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Dissatisfied with your smile? Difficulty chewing food? Digestive problems? Teeth hurt? Bad breath? Loose teeth? Broken, decayed or discolored teeth? Gums bleed? Worn teeth? Jaw muscles hurt? Any swellings in the mouth or jaws? Snoring? Wrinkling around the mouth? Did you know that poor dental health is linked to medical problems affecting the heart, diabetes, stroke, problems with pregnancy and with other medical issues or body parts? Here at Healthy Smiles By Dr. B, we tackle these challenges and more. Whether you need a complete dental rehabilitation, a mini cosmetic makeover, or a basic maintenance exam and cleaning, we can help you.


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Welcome to Healthy Smiles By Dr. B, the office of Dr. Denis G. Bourguigon and the Healthy Smiles Team. Located in the beautiful mountains of Hayesville in western North Carolina, our office is in the famous Moore Insurance Building next to the United Community Bank on US Hwy 64 just west of the intersection of  NC Hwy 69 and across the street from the Hardy’s. We have a stunning view of the Tusquittee Mountains from our reception room windows where you can relax, have a cup of coffee or a bottle of water while you wait a few moments before your appointment.

Healthy Smiles By Dr. B is a general dental and restorative practice that blends old-fashioned service with new technology. We are proud of our patient-centered philosophy and personalized care in this modern age of indifference. We educate our patients on the value of maintaining their natural teeth and their oral health so that they may enjoy the benefits of a healthy, comfortable, functional and attractive smile. We help patients take responsibility for their oral health and on making dental visits pleasant, gentle and pain-free.

Healthy smiles are confident … healthy smiles are sexy … healthy smiles allow you not only to look good but also to feel good and eat well. Healthy smiles are the gateway to a healthy body, mind, and life and are an investment in total health.  Let us help you achieve that goal of a healthy smile.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Hayesville, NC or the surrounding areas we’d love to meet you!

To learn more about how we can help you, browse through our website and get to know Dr. B and the Healthy Smiles Team. Even better, contact us by phone or visit us in person. Dentistry is still a one-on-one, hands-on, face-to-face relationship-based profession. There is only so much that you can experience from the computer screen.  Not only do we care about doing the right thing for people, we have fun doing what we do best and so do our patients. Seeing and meeting are believing!

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I came to Dr. B. in pain and pretty worried about the condition my teeth were in. He and his staff put me completely at ease and I’ve begun treatment. I’m no longer scared. Dr. B. is a great dentist and I easily recommend him to anyone needing dental care.

Wade Allen